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my favorite pin types

I like these type of pins

Haunted Mansion 

Thumper *Thump* *Thump* *Thump*
Guess Who?

who id like to meet

I want to meet anyone,
looking to chat with the following!

The twilight zone fans
Haunted mansion fans
Nightmare before christmas fans
Princess fans
Princess Tiana fans
Rabbit fans
Retro junkies fans
Old arcade and Pinball fans
Nintendo fans
Train sets fans
Christmas fans
people with brilliant minds or ideas
and that guy at Disneyland who said i had a wonderful imagination
I'd like to meet him again...

my movies

Comedy - b-movies - star wars - Disney - season - documentaries -
love - wars - of course the wizard of oz!

my favorite books

I don't have a favorite
I read to many sometimes
I think I'm a male version of belle!

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Haunted Mansion
Snow White's Scary Adventures

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About me.

Hello the name is Pauly.
But whats yours. I hope to make a big
empire of a Company but for now it's Disney pins for me...And whatever i like really
I know my profile has no color but hey it's a pad ain't it not
In the pin world I now collect Princess and the frog mostly Tiana and pixar Up...
I use to collect Haunted mansion Nightmare before christmas and Thumper..
I still search for any older Haunted mansion stuff I do not have though...


P.S Feel free to add me I'll add anyone back... Got a question Shoot me a message and I'll try to get back with you,

My Hobbies

Pin trading. collecting of course and most of all Christmas decor fan of
Haunted mansion yea.....
Princess tiana and Up er, Lot's more but
Also here is the following as what i do or sparks my interest's

- Music - Collecting - Pepsi - I use to do myspace - Internet - Guitar - Reading - Movies - Slushies - Chili cheese fries - T hunting -classic cords - beach bombs - camaros - mustangs - cd's -Story - Apple cider - Merlin the wizard - choo choo trains - sugar - fruit punch - potatoes w/chorizo - classic music -zoos - big fish - bunnys - vegas - Ham and cheese - christmas - reading about excalibur - custom displays - superman - batman - cul8r - Bird watching - art - image - victory - cherrys - melon - grapes - donald duck orange juice - love to have winter / cinamax / Orange crush soda / totino's / drawing's / crosstowns - red - nice shades - xtras -comedy - beeswax - decor - pin tradeing - History -
t v - frozen ice - soy sauce!-lim + - going-far.places - !

My media

pauly has not created media links yet.

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If you bump in to me i will talk to any nice trader or person
even if you don't have anything i want... I'll still talk to you

most of all i would love to trade with

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My yuku Posts

No posts yet.

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    Not Sally as much as jack.

    But i really like the look of those pins they look great.

    I spent like 250 dollars on pins which is alot for me.

    Original comment »


    Reply from pauly:

    OH that might be a little for me
    I spent $350 last month just on some traders and new pins that i was trying to get
    Of course it may end up being more later this year..